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Visa Information

Who does NOT need a visa?

Participants from ASEAN countries do NOT need a visa to enter to Vietnam

Participants from the following countries do NOT need a visa if they stay for a maximum duration only:

 Country Duration
 Brunei  14
 Cambodia  30
 Indonesia  30
 Laos  30
 Malaysia  30
 Myanmar  30
 Philippine  21
 Thailand  30
 Singapore  30
 Russia  15
 Japan  15
 South Korea
 Denmark  15
 Norway  15
 Sweden  15
 Finland  15
 France  15
 Germany  15
 Spain  15
 United Kingdom
 Italy  15

Who does need a visa?

Participants from countries not mentioned above should have visa to enter to Vietnam. You can apply for a visa by yourself, and we will provide an invitation letter for your visa application.  

In case of urgent need, we can help you to get a visa at the airport. However, it’s highly recommended that you get visa to Vietnam in advance.

For those who should apply for getting visa at the airport, you should provide the following information

-       Full name

-       Sex

-       Data of Birth

-       Nationality

-       Occupation

-       Passport Number

-       Date of issue

-       Date of expire

-       Passport Type

-       Period of stay in Vietnam

-       Name of the airport you will arrive to Vietnam (Noi Bai/ Da nang/ Tan Son Nhat International Airport)

For all visa issues, please contact Prof. Luong Chi Mai